Harlo Capital’s executive team has established strong relationships and partnerships within the real estate investment community in the Greater Golden Horseshoe area.  Through these connections and its internal research capabilities, Harlo identifies, underwrites and selects only exceptional real estate investment opportunities.

Investment Feasibility Analysis and Due Diligence – Once a prospective site has been identified, Harlo implements and adheres to a rigorous investment qualification methodology.  Our projects must meet a series of conservative financial modeling tests and withstand a critical analysis of objective and subjective risk factors to qualify as prospective investment opportunities.

Project Acquisition, Development and Construction – Once the decision is made to proceed with a project, Harlo’s team negotiates and concludes the definitive agreements necessary to acquire a direct beneficial ownership interest in the property and to develop the lands on behalf of Harlo’s investment group.  We typically look to share development management fees in exchange for bringing Harlo’s capital, experience and oversight to the development partnership.  We also co-brand projects with the Harlo Capital name.

We work closely together with our selected development partner and professional consultants to complete the sales and leasing strategy, site plan approval, financing and construction of the project.  Harlo’s experienced team and active management style result in better execution, fewer surprises, and more successful buildings and investments.