At HARLO we maintain a collaborative style while taking an analytical, accountable and honest approach. We will always be responsible and loyal to our stakeholders while pursuing opportunistic value-add investments.



We treat our equity investment partners as we would want to be treated.

Alignment – We provide investors with opportunities to earn exceptional risk-adjusted returns and co-invest our own equity with them.  We won’t invest our partners’ capital where we wouldn’t put our own.  This keeps our interests directly aligned with those of our investors.

Reporting and Governance – We report to our investors in accordance with their specific requirements and on a consistent and timely basis.  We make ourselves available to our investors at their convenience and ensure they have the information they need, when they need it.  We acknowledge and embrace our role as fiduciaries to our investors.

Real estate


We actively invest in exceptional projects and partner only with experienced real estate developers.  

Active Development Management – Harlo’s management team has been involved in all aspects of the real estate development process and actively participates in the development management of all Harlo projects. This means we stay on top of the multitude of complex situations that arise and ensures that we are able to directly represent our investors’ interests when crucial decisions are made throughout the course of any development project.

Exceptional Projects – Harlo has a disciplined selection process and will only invest in projects that meet our strict investment underwriting criteria.  Our development projects must not only meet financial risk and return requirements but must also be strategically located to provide reasonable access to transit infrastructure and to the public and private amenities that have proven to be crucial to the ultimate success of real estate developments.

Experienced Development Partners – Harlo’s management team has worked with many of the most successful, experienced real estate development companies and consulting firms in the Greater Golden Horseshoe Area.